Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Fawn on Another Day!

Another fawn on another day. I came across this one at around 11:30 AM this morning.

I guess Gladwin County is growing a huge crop of fawns this year. This is the second little guy I've come across the Meredith Grade road, in the past week. This one was on the same road, but about a mile west from where I saw the first one, (on Friday).

This one was a little sturdier on his feet and could walk and run better. This is where he landed in the woods, just a few feet off of the road.

Again, I took a stick from the ground and coaxed the little guy to run and hide a little farther from the road. About 30 ft off the road or so, this is where he settled. I pulled a young pine tree away from the fawn to take these pictures. This time, he didn't try to put his head down to hide.

Don't worry. I didn't touch him. I left him here to hide. I sure his mother was nearby.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Cute Sign of Spring!

Springtime Newborn

I took these photos around 5 pm this evening. The kids and I were coming back from checking in a family at the Chalet, and this little guy (or gal) was standing along side Meredith Grade Road. When it saw the car coming, she/he laid down in this funny position.

She/he almost looks like Bambi on ice (without the ice).

This baby instinctively laid down to hide from us. However, to road didn't provide much cover. I got out of my car with my camera and took these photos. Shortly after I took the first two photos, I let the kids walk up to see, but I didn't let them get too close or even attempt to touch it. We just looked at him.

Soon another car drove up and we pointed out the baby along side the road. Of course, out came the camera phones. Then when one of the guys got out of their car to take a picture, the little fawn got up and did a clumsy trot for the woods. When he came to the edge of the woods, he tripped and fell. The fawn laid there as still as it could and we took the next photo below.

Shortly after I took this picture, I grabbed a small tree branch that was laying in the ground and coaxed him to move away from the edge of the road. The little guy got up and wobbled away, baaing like a little sheep. I'm sure that it's mother was flipping out. I know she was nearby, because we could here her in the woods across the road.

After the baby was at a safe distance away from the road, we let it be. We got in our car and drove away. I'm sure that mom would be showing up soon to lead the awkward little baby away to better cover.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Affordable Healthcare for Your Children

Many families around the state of Michigan are finding health care insurance for their children too expensive or plainly unaffordable, leaving their children uncovered. A new affordable healthcare program, offered through the Michigan Department of Community Health, is available for children of families with no health care insurance. MAR wants to introduce MIChild as a possible solution to its members. MIChild is a comprehensive healthcare option that provides uncovered children with routine dental and medical services, sick-child visits, prescriptions and urgent care. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is just one of the participating companies, as well as three dental care plan options. Participating families use ID cards from the companies they choose when visiting their health care providers. With their card, families pay nothing out of pocket when they use their plan providers.

The cost of ten dollars per month for each family covers routine dentist appointments, prescriptions, check-ups, vision and hearing care as well as emergency care and other hospital services. With this flexibility, families who were unable to afford these services can make sure their children are updated on necessary vaccines, get the medicine they need and are covered for glasses or contacts.

To be eligible, children must be legal residents of the state of Michigan, under the age of 19, unmarried and currently receiving no other health care coverage. Families do have to apply and eligibility is also based on income. To apply, families can log on to or call toll free 888-988-6300.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Changed Background for my BLOG

I just changed the look for my blog. The other "prettier" template was sort of slow to load... especially for those with a dial-up connection. So, I decided to go with a background that loads really quick. I've noticed a huge different in the load time. I hope you like it!