Sunday, May 15, 2005

Real estate trends for Spring and Summer of 2005

I don't know if all real estate agents in the Gladwin County area are experiencing the same trends as I am this year, but I've been seeing a trend towards more buyers purchasing vacant land in 2005. I've notice that approximately 2/3 of my sales from January 1st to May 15th, 2005, have been vacant acreage or waterfront lots.

I'm finding that most of the buyers are individuals or families from the down state area, looking to build in the future or invest in some hunting land. As for local buyers, it seems that sales for year round homes have been starting out slow, despite the continuing low mortgage interest rates.

Things are still looking up for waterfront homes and cottage sales, this year. I've had many inquiries, requesting information on waterfronts this past winter and into this spring. I've had several buyers starting their searches while the lakes were still frozen this year. Pending the unusual weather, I'm expecting a busy spring and summer once the weather breaks.

~ Ivie Baker