Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gladwin County Michigan Photos

I thought this would be fun to share during this cold winter months. I put together a slide show of some of my favorite photos taken in Gladwin County. I took most of the photos accept for three. The deer and the geese photos were taken by Bill Rivert of Sugar Springs and the photo of the people in the canoe, was taken by one of our guests at one of our vacation rentals. The rest of them, I took. Click on the photo below to visit the slide show.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nope... This one isn't for sale

Sorry, but this one isn't for sale. I thought you might enjoy some pretty winter photos with lots of snow and ice. This is our cottage on Blue Lake in Northwestern Gladwin County.
Winter is here! I couldn't resist going out this morning with my camera to take pictures of the beautiful snow. I wish I would have taken some photos the other day before I shoveled all the snow off of the deck.

Look at all of the ice hanging off the overhangs. I tried breaking some of them off... but they're on there good!

Here is a picture of the creek that runs between our lots. It's pretty in the snow. The photo doesn't do it any justice. Imagine the sound of running water in the background as it flows over a small waterfall. That's what it sounds like here. We have a mini waterfall in this creek, but it's not in this photo.

I took a picture of the propane tank, because you can get a better idea of the actual snow sitting on the ground, by looking at it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Winter or Spring???

Is it really Winter? It's hard to believe that it's the beginning of January!
The picture below was taken on January 3rd.

This picture was taken at a private park (for the house listed below) on Wixom Lake/Tobacco River just a couple days ago. It looks like this on every lake in the area! I've never seen the lakes like this in January, before. Christmas weekend 2005, my husband and I were riding our snowmobiles across Lake Lancelot in Sugar Springs! Not this year!

Today, while showing a home on Elbow Lake in NE Clare County, I saw a frog jump into the lake and hide under some fallen leaves at the bottom of the lake. Go figure! Frogs in January!

January 19th marks the first day of Tip-Up Town USA in Houghton Lake! No Ice means No Ice Fishing! They might be out there fishing from boats this year! The show must go on!!!

I saw two people out on Budd Lake today fishing from their bass boat.

If you've been holding off on looking at waterfront cottages until spring, because you didn't think you'd be able to see what the lakes were like... you might want to change your plans. You can see the lakes just fine! Unless we get a good cold snap, the lakes will probably stay this way for a while.